my baby is 2 months old she's having blocked nose these days. how to cure it?

Also I want to ask that she kicks in the air vigorously while sleeping does this denotes something?

hi priya pls steam. add a drop of nilgiri oil in steam

Why You Must Opt For Steam For You And Your Child?

i remember my baby too wud kick, its a reflex action i think!

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my second baby is 5 n half months old. she had a very bad cold n blocked nose 2 weeks back. I gave her ajwain leaf juice. take an ajwain leaf and wash it. wilt it to a dark green colour by holding over a flame (gas stove). squeeze it in a bowl and you will get approximately half to one tablespoon of juice. give the baby juice of one leaf thrice a day(three leaves a day). amazing home remedy for colds in kids. better to give above 4 months old kids.

Priya you can use saline nasal drop for blocked nose.. usually docs recommend this... you can talk your doc for this.  and I guess kicking in air is quite normal. tc.

I used saline nasal drops. Just consult your doctor before giving. Kicking is normal.

thanks a lot Mommies....

saline drop and steam would be best. kindly don't give any oral medication or home remedies to small baby unless your doctor advises so.

thanks. Saline drop helped... :)

That's awesome... Good to know this.

Put Nilgiri drops in her warm bathing water& clear her nose. She will get a huge relief.

its normal baby kabhi kabar kick marta hi h