my boy will be 6 months next month (dob..,2-march) what all can I give him

hi, you can start with boiled n mashed apple, banana, boiled rice water, dal water , boiled veges mashed....etc ...they are nutritious...

hi u can keep cerelac ,milk, fruits

fruit juices, dal pani , rice pani

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hi , plz do not give cerelac or any ready processed foods. u can dry roast rice & moong dal and crush in mixer n Jeep ready. add to water & boil till cooked. add jaggery to go e it little taste. no salt to b given till child BECUMS 9 months old. fruit juices , vegetable soup can b given

Start weaning slowly. Ideally a baby should be able to sit before starting weaning.
Always introduce one food at a time to check for any allergies. You can start with dudhi/carrot/spinach/sweet potato. Cook any one vegetable in water and initially give only the water. slowly start pureeing it & giving it to your baby.

Make sure you sterilise all utensils, blender, spoons, etc
Continue to Breastfeed your baby. Slowly reduce the no. of feeds.
By 8-9 th month you can give your baby vegetables mixed with rice, khichdi, veg soup, dal rice, veg pasta.
Mashed banana, papaya, stewed apples, pears.
Dalia, sooji, jowar / nachni porridge.
The foods at this stage should be soft and chunky. Not ground completely. This will help the baby get ready for chewing food eventually.