#ToddlerDrama My toddler boy is 4 years. At times he is so adamant. Im afraid he ll be a stuborn boy. How do i balance and when do i accept his demands and reject ?
asha chaudhry

very good q anon. i hear u totally coz i hv been there. even now we face this dilemma. 1. so one way is good cop, bad cop. where one parent has to be the one who doesnt give in at all. i m bad cop at home. eg screen time. i dont like my childoo on the mobile/laptop/tv for too long. so she has a deal with her dad - she gets a bit in her study breaks. so sometimes we need to cut deals or use it as barter.

2. try to reason out wth the child whn he is in a better frame of mind. especially when it comes to hissy fits at the toy shop. at times u just have to be firm and refuse to give in whn the demand is very unreasonable and going to burn a hole in ur pocket. if its something small and even though unneeded - sometimes give in and later on talk to ur child and make him understand it wasnt needed and how u now need to give away something else.

3. whn it comes to habits - sometimes u need external intervention. eg suppose he doesnt want to wash his hands before a meal.or brush teeth at night. u might need to read a pepper story, use youtube, take him to the dentist or get his teacher to talk to him. toddlers go thru a phase where they listen to others and not always their parents.

so i knw its not easy - but give in on the "small battles". and keep the honest conversations going. and keep being firm on totally unacceptable stuff. he might hate u for 30 mins :) tc

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