I am 29 yr old and a mother of 3.3 yr old son. now we are planning for second child. but due to my husband's job we are living together. (he got transfer in remote area and we don't want to take our child to that place). he come to meet us for 1 or 2 days but that meeting is not working (can't conceive). now one of our friend suggested us to take medical help and go with IUI. I don't know what it is, any one know about it then please help me out.

IUI is they take male sperm and it's inserted in women's vagina. Some pain will be there,  But for IUI they need fresh sperm so anyways your husband has to be there. eg if your iui is scheduled for 11 am your husband has to give his sperm anytime in the morning. Only in IVF they store the sperm but then IVF is very costly. I think you should just relax and let things happen on its own.

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa kindly advise

yes i also agree with rebecca

Hey, I think you shouldn't opt any medical treatment because you can conceive naturally. Its better to wait.