My baby boy is about to complete 2 yrs on 24 Oct 19. But, his health is not good as compared to other babies who are even 3 months junior to him. His present weight is 12 Kg. We are giving him rice dal khichdi with boiled potato and carrot, smashed banana, grated apple and other seasonal fruits. We are giving him 2 times massage with coconut oil. His weight is less. Pls advice.

Khushboo, firstly please dont compare your child with others. And secondly, babys weight is completely fine. That's the standard weight. So, please don't stress yourself. Give whatever you cook at home and eat as a family. There's no need to give anything different.
My son is going to be 3 and his weight is 11 kilos. If the baby is active weight doesn't matter.

Yes he is very active but not speaking. He only tells papa, baba, chhi chhi etc but no bhaiya or mummy.