Hello Mommies,

Today my child's stool was green cum black.

I think this denotes upset stomach. Did anyone of you faced this too?

hi dear, do go through this Black, Green, Yellow - Your Baby’s Poop Story.... how old is the baby?

Green poop is quite normal, but make sure its not black. You can go fir a stool test if its black.

Hi pls recall wgat the baby had tge previous day..any greens?, iron tonic??

What is the frequency of motions? If itz watery sticky and smelly with green color and happens frequently in a day then pls see ur pead

Not necessarily. Actually it depends on many factors like age of the baby, consistency, quality etc

nothing no iron tonic.... now she's passing yellow stool. I'm meeting my pead tomorrow.
thanks for the suggestions.

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