I'm using himalaya baby oil for massage of my 14 day LO as recommended by my doc. However getting comments from relatives that its turning skin dark. Any one else faced same issue? Any remedy that can be suggested?

Hii madhu, I haven't used himalay yet so no idea... I have been using Johnson's from the beginning and didn't face any such issue.
By the way babies colour keep changing and basically depends on genes.

Hi Madhu, any product will not change the colour of skin. It's dependent on genetics. Children's skin colour changes many times in the first year so nothing to worry. However you can use any oil you prefer for the baby, that is mild and gentle for his skin. I have been using jnj since sometime and find it good.

No product can change colours.

Thankyou Sonam patel Akanksha Bhuri and Rebecca Prakash ... it's just that at this time everyone has an opinion about everything and it gets difficult to convince people sometimes

We completely understand that... And you know what... Learn to ignore. That's the best thing to do. You will always remain happy. Trust me on that.

Baby skin is very sensitive, with my own experience I will suggest you to use Mamaearth baby oil. Mamaearth baby care products are safe and natural also free from harmful chemicals.

Hey dear. Colour is genetic. If you are talking about discoloration on some parts where you are using a product, i would suggest check with the doc. Could be allergy or the products not suiting the baby. But if they mean that baby is becoming dark from fair then ignore them. Just ensure you are using mild and gentle products.