i really dont know how to share this.I am feeling very shameful for my act. whatever i have done to my child today its really not acceptable.I don't know how i did n why i did it. my child is 2 year old and i hit him very hard twice because he wanted to go outside to plat all the time. he dont want to eat n only play outside.i got frustrated because i lost my patience. i spanked him very badly that he was shivering for so long. he couldn't com.e closer to me till now he was so scares he ran away to our neighbors n started crying. i was so angry that i took him n hit again. he is getting uncontrollable now a days. he lost weight fell sick. everybody is blaming me for that .that i dont care for him. Its not like that. i also have my life. i alos have compromised things. i am adjusting everything. sometimes i just cant handle whenever he did naughtily things.

asha chaudhry u took session yesterday in toddler drama. but i want to ask u how to control our anger wen they behave mischivoisly? plz help moms...

I totally feel you.My daughter is almost the same age and it takes very little for us to loose our calm.But I have started telling myself,that she is growing up to be a girl,its so quick,time flies,soon she will not be a baby any more,she will turn into a girl who will do everything by herself.Tell that to yourself.Talk to yourself. As for other things,its all fine.Why don't you ask help if these people who take the liberty to blame you.Sweetly ask them to try feeding her.Maybe you will get help to feed her ,maybe they will just shut up.Either ways it will help you :)

i hear u anon. i m so so sorry u are going thru this. i knw kids at this age drive moms up the wall. while doing that livechat my childoo got a shout from me coz she was taking advantage of the fact that i was busy. she went on watching DIY on youtube even though she has exams!!! i'm like what is the use of sharing parenting ideas when my own drama queen is irritating me?!!!

so here is what i suggest. when u both are in a very good mood pls make him understand that he has to eat and not trouble u otherwise u get very upset. get him something new - a spoon or bowl. it works for a while. when u feel ur anger is rising give him a shout instead of hitting, that helps in venting out anger. if need be take him in another room and tell him no means no. tell him mamma is getting angry becoz u are not listening so he gets the idea. ate u close to the neighbours? this may sound odd but in gujarat very often u will find the neighbour feeding the child coz child prefers it little realising mom gave that food! i dont want that to become a habit but it depends on the relationship. anon u need an outlet for urself as u are feelong cooped up and frustrated wth toddler behaviour. pls sirround urself wth friends and try not to make baby the center of universe coz when he doesnt listen it upsets u. sometimes do kitta wth him. say we wont talk or play till u eat/ behave. try to make eating a game. give him smileys after every 2/5 bites. tc

u r right.not to make them center of the universe. when universe doesn't work the way we want it to, we get frustrated

at least someone understood the situation thank u i will try not to do this again

hi... i can totally understand u...but pls try to control ur angry your child is in character building stage...if u keep showin him anger he ll get scared an b insecure in everytn.. now u hv to make your child understan wit love an patience...tis age groups r prone to take all your actions into their head ...i knw hw difficult it is for u... we al are goin tro the same phase in life but lil patience can help your baby...

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