I have got my sonography done 2days before me in my 27week and my reports says baby's position is breech could any one tell how did this position is changed earlier it was cephalic and will this breech position will continue till my delicery time or what? ? please somebody advice on this is my first baby don't have any idea about it

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa pls help

hey priyanka their is nothing to worry position keeps on changing..still their is time to go..
go for a walk pranayam. . have more liquid and healthy diet.

asha chaudhry Priya Sood
plz guide

27 is early, baby has space to rotate. It can change position.

Hey priyanka its too early to say anything about position. Baby keeps changing her position. Engagement will happen in the coming month.

Hi Priyanka. Baby keeps changing positions to tension mat lo. Abhi there is space for baby to move and change positions.

babies move in heads down position few weeks before due date.. it still has space to rotate.. eat healthy drink lots of water and walk..

baby is expected to.change positions, take turns and play inside you enjoy it do not worry , just try to do yoga,and eat healthy

agree with everyone...still have some safe yoga poses..

OK thanks for your advise friends

as the space is there in uterus, baby is changing position.. hope it will not fix to breech one.. theory says baby change its position till the delivery day.. but practically baby fix its position by 34-35 weeks

OK thanks mam for your advice