My whole pregnancy, I went through pain in my lower back (joints just top of buttocks).. going through the same pain when I am in my 4th month of postpartum.. when I lay down straight on my back even just for 5 min, I could not move after that, my whole hip portion gets locked and gives me tremendous amount of pain and now my knees are also aching after long sitting.. I thought it would disappear after my baby's delivery but no luck.. please suggest, thnx.

Two things which are needed - a check up by an orthopaedic so that the right diagnosis and exercises can be prescribed. Following which you will need to meet a physiotherapist or a pregnancy exercise specialist to help with the same. Additionally you may also need D3 and B12 and again this needs to first be checked before you start.

same thing is happening to me also m 8 n half months postpartum

hi Bhargavi, have U tried some thing to get rid of this problem? any thing worked out?

I had same issue and I was not able to move my lower body at all at night time when I used to lay down in bed... and I used to be like wooden log for atleast 15 mins ..... then after all the pain i used to sleep on my back and had to lift my entire lower back towards ceiling of the room 2 3 times and then I was able to atleadt move that too with pain... but surprisingly when I joined office when my lo was 6 months old my thus pain had vanished.... now I don't have this issue at all at 11 months... what I concluded is it was coz I used to lift my baby in wrong posture and use to have long sitting hours for feeding

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