My daughter is 9 months old but she still has cradle cap.. the scalp is very flaky and she keeps on scratching it sometimes hair come out too..doc suggested to use Dan free shampoo.. but somebody told me not to use and I am also worried if it will irritated her eyes..please suggest

Hii tanvi, my son too had cradle cap. Don't oil the hairs and you can use shampoo. Make sure you keep the head inclined so that it doesn't goes into eyes. Paedtrician suggested shampoo for my kiddo too.

Hi Tanvi, for cradle cap avoiding oil is the only thing that helps. Use any mild shampoo prescribed by your pediatrician, and use it. It will help

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My baby had a cradle cap. And some old lady suggested me to Stop putting oil in her hair. Only give shampoo bath every alternate day. Cradle cap cleared in some days.

Parul Soni after the cradle cap gone did u start putting the oil

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