Hi , my cervical length at 8 weeks is 3 cm , and reduced to 2.9 cm at 20 weeks, 2.7 cm at 26 weeks . my doctor identified as short cervix at 26 weeks and said it's too late to do cerclage stitch , she recommended bed rest and progesterone and also made me panic of preterm labour, for second opinion I went to other , she said 2.7 cm isn't too small , asked to continue progesterone medicine daily with no bed rest . I took growth scan again at 29 weeks at 2nd doctor, but cervical length isn't mentioned in reports, doctor said, at this point of weeks , we don't look at those cervical lengths and nothing can stop if labour pains start , so she said no need bed rest & everything is fine & just continue progesterone medicine. I'm worried of preterm labour . I'm entering into 30 th week in two days , don't know cervical length right now, reaching which week it's safe to deliver ? Give some clarity about my issue .

Ideally where I can look into your situation I would want to see your scan reports have you any latest scan with you or your waiting for one scan in 32 weeks

Swaroopa in each every scan cervical length will be mentioned, please go to a radiologist and repeat scan. 2.5 is okay at this time

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