hi mam

ihv pcos my eggs was nt grwng itook menogon 75 iu 3dys but ididnt work fr me so dr chngd to gonal f 75iu for 3dys and my right ovary follicl are now




20mm ystrdy was my 18thdy and dr gave hcg 5000iu 2 dose in 1day.iwnt to knw what are my chncs of pregnancy n with follic my polystc follic also increasd bcz of tht ihv severe abodominal pain this side effect of gonal f now shez nt gvng anytreatmnt fr tht im nt gtng wht to do pls suggst me

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa kindly rply

your doctor is doing right.. chances of pregnancy are 50-50% and for pain in abdomen please ask medicine from your doctor.. because it will be severe one because of hormonal interference..