Q: baby is 3 months old.she gets fever and body ache when vaccination z given. can i gv warm salt bag on the place of ache?

getting fever due to vaccination is normal.... dnt want salt Bag.... jst dip a cloth in warm water nd place it at vaccinated area..... do it thrice a feels better

apply ice bag on it. and give calpol (peracetamol) drops

fever is comman in vaccines since some times body takes time to adjust to the ingredient given in the vaccine.. rise in body tempe
rature is indication to the adjustment and chills is the indication to the body lowering its temperature by shivering. so just dip the clith in cold water and move it over the painful area.

Fever is a common reaction of a vaccination. It is better to use an ice compress at the site of the vaccination. You can also give the baby crocin drops as prescribed by the doctor which will help with fever and body ache.