I am 6 week last LMP date was 27june2017.I had done ultrasound on 07/08/2017. Report says "on evidence of foetal pole yet".is it normal during this time period ?

Dr. Payal M kindly help

fetal pole is seen by week 7-8. sometimes bit later.
so if the sac size is ok then dont worry. rescan after1- 2 weeks.

Thank you Dr.Payel M.Will u tell me the correct sac size during this time

there is no one correct size as such for any thing that us measured. there is always a range. if your sac size corresponds to ur last menstrual period then tht is fine.
u can put a pic of ur report as well.

Its too early for an ultrasound and theres really no need to have one as yet.

now I am 7week 1day pregnant and today I have done my second ultrasound and according to report "no evidence of yolk sac/foetal pole seen at present".But in my previous ultrasound doc find out faint yolk sac... please tell me something about the situation.Am I still pregnant ?

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