does anyone feel pain in pelvic area. as my 7th mth started I am feeling pain there. I read that its normal . is it so

yeah it z normal .show doc...she will gv u ointment and try pelvic floor exercises. avoid stress of work on pelvic. tk rest ,walk and do exercise as instructed by doc.

pelvic pain is in which area.. is it in the lower abdomen or othe lower back or the sides... a little pain and discomfort is measured because of the hormone relaxin whixh is released in your body to loosen the jounts so that the growing baby accomodates inside. but if it aggravates then it is a alarming signs. do keep a check.

Pressure in the pelvic area is normal. As the weight of the baby increases the pressure in the pelvis and vaginal area increases. If you feel sporadic pain or pain which is there in certain positions then do discuss with your doctor.

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