*urgent* Hi I have a baby who is 2 months old...I have fever n cold....doc prescribed me P650 n injected paracetamol now I have very very low supply of milk my baby is starving n crying...pls anyone suggest me how to increase my milk supply immediately...

paracetamol which is the active ingredient in P650 and the injection given does not affect breast milk supply. It is due to your being overall unwell and not able to feed often and the stress of the illness that is causing the low milk supply. This is temporary and once you begin feeding regularly your milk supply will build up. Drink plenty of fluids rest and try and feed your baby often.

You can also speak to the baby's doctor for a formula option while you recover for. couple of feeds. However this should not be fed with a bottle.

thank u very much madam

but how do u kNow that ur baby is starving and u r not making enough milk ?