Hi all,
My son is 1 year old. When I was at moms place for a couple of months I n my mom used to read to him n show him pictures on books n he too would be very interested.
But from the time I went to in-laws place they only teach him masti. They say if he won't do then who will do masti. He has learnt to throw things, to throw folded clothes etc. He barely now sits n engages himself in any activities which I do with him. When I tell my husband he says don't find faults in what my parents do
Please tell me what can I do???

Rebecca Prakash Dr.amrita Yadav Madhavi Cholera

Bhavna Anadkat Kavita Sahany

Hey happens at one phase of life.. don't worry..
You bring board games and blocks and give it to your in-laws and ask them to okay.. gift them a small blue tooth music box or something and tell them to play rhymes for the baby and also listen to old songs when the baby is asleep.. you need to handle this delicately..

Anon he is just being baby, that's what babies do. Not necessary to sit in one place and just read books, eat, pee n poop. Don't worry.

Hi annon
its very natural & common thing in all joint families! i faced this same !! my in laws also told this ! its their love for grand children.. but dont worry, baby is just 1 yr old, will teach everything by his growing age.. whenever you are free, you try to engage him with some activities or reading books..