Hello Doctor,
My wife has a Ovarian Cyst and I am confused with the size mentioned in the report i.e 12cm or 5cm. Pls clarify this.
The doctor has told that it needs to be removed on the 16th week by laparoscopy. They said that they may remove the ovary also along with the cyst on seeing the condition of the cyst.
Pls advice me for what are the reason they will remove the ovary.
Thank you in advance.

This is a very large cyst it is 12cm in size and please tell me you did not feel any kind of pain in abdomen on right side any day?
Also this is your first Ultrasound?

Hi Doctor, Thank you for the response.
This is the first scan. Also, she doesn't feel any pain, moreover she doesn't feel there is a cyst. Please find below the NT scan report.

Dr. Priyanka Patel kindly respond to this