Hello I'm in 15weeks pregnancy...as constipation problem is regular for me I'm managing it with home remedies but from past 3days I'm getting severe left leg pain in the nights and very uncomfortability in sleeping even though I'm wearing very loose pants feeling very uncomfortable in lower abdomen and sometimes I'm getting little pain and back ache also...and I'm getting white discharge also Dr. Priyanka Patel Rebecca Prakash

Give hot water compression to your legs, you can soak legs in hot water for some time, try to drink hot water it helps for constipation issues.. keep pillows under your legs while sleeping.. Do read this articles...

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Take enough water, fruits and vegetables.. ask toor doctor for an external gel.. it helps...

Hi every night in a glass of warm milk mix Gulkand 1 tsp and drink. This helps in constipation. Drink plenty of water.

I will please want to see your reports

Which reports mam Dr. Priyanka Patel

Ok so the reports are good but there is one thing and ultrasound will be done by the end of this month I will advise you to get your blood pressure checked and if you are having white discharge I will advise that your gynecologist must have a look because it is very common to get urine infection in pregnancy

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