Hi my 15months old baby is still on my feeding (bf)
How to make her stop feeding
Mostly nite times 3,4times she wants my milk only not taking cow milk or pediasure or even water
I'm in street plz suggest

Do not worry dear, few more days then once your baby stop taking milk, then you will miss this days.. you can feed up to 2 yrs,. slowly reduce the feeding time , make sure baby is tummy full before it sleeps.. i would advice not to give pediasure now, just try to give cow milk, i used to put cell tape on breast and tell it's gone:-) you can also try that... you can check this article..

Weaning Worry: How To Stop Breastfeeding

Hi Manjusha please breastfeed till 2 yrs, night feeding is very important. Slowly it will reduce.