Hi dr can you see the report and tell me if it is possible for normal delivery as dr said she will do cesarean on Thursday she is saying cord is down and baby weight is 3 plus. And the way to pass is small.
Dr has given her medicine for pain I think. Is Baby heart beat is ok. Please check thank you
@Dr. Priyanka Patel Dr. Priyanka Patel Dr. AMRITA MALLIK Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Khushboo Chouhan

Dr. Priyanka Patel

As far as I can see reports you have a fair chance please speak to your doctor about normal delivery but usually if you have any other deficiency symptoms of thyroid blood pressure or lower on haemoglobin or lesser on platelets as your doctor is knowing your case totally from start of first week of pregnancy it is important that you speak about normal delivery if it all your doctor is ready for you to try for normal delivery then you must definitely go with drs decision on the trial.

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