It's been 9months post-partum. I am still weak, I have severe backache, and joint pain. Maybe because of sleepless nights, bad eating routine and in daytime I am handling all household chores and everything about baby alone since we live in nuclear set up. My query is whom should I visit for my physical problem, Gynecologist, physician or nutritionist ?

Hi consult a gynecologist, she will guide you further. I too felt really week till 9 or 10 months but later it got better. Go for 10 mins walk everyday. Drink plenty of water, continue your calcium supplements.

You can visit your gynecologist first then she can refer further if required.. take banana milkshake with nuts.. eat good food and try to take care of yourself as you used to during your pregnancy days...take small naps when the baby is can have someone to help..a helper or part time maid..