hi... can i start cow milk for my daughter?? i know its not recommended till the age of 1 but can i dilute it in little boiled water n give her??? or mixed with somwthing like banana or apple purees???

No, please don't give till baby turns 1 year

Dear you can continue with formula milk right now and also have you started complementary feeding are you giving rice broth and dall broth/ vegeie soup?

Hi Rashmi please no, its risky. Breastfeed the baby or formula feed.

Dr.Priyanka Patel hii doctor... yes i have started almost all food.. dal water, rice water, khichadi porridge with veggies grinded in mixer and make porridge of that.. Farex n Cerelac... Palak, carrot soups and also mixed in rice... Rebecca Prakash i just wanted to know when i make smoothies of banana or apple which formula milk to us.. right now i am using nestle nanpro stage 1 but it doesn't taste good when mixed in something... i am giving banana and steamed apple to her in nibblers...

Rashmi you can add little cow milk in his food, not a problem.

Only breast milk or formula till 1yr