is there home remedy  for gum sweling ..

my son going to complete  9months he is suffering from strong cough,cold n motions

Is he taking medicine for cold?

yes i m giving antibiotics and cold suspension also from last week he is not happy looks  like dull when i pass smile he smile back

thats why i feeel he is not good
he has ear and head fungus also from birth i use cream its disappear  when i stop its start again i counsult  pediatrician  he said use continue

i m giving  cerelac its good or not dear

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Shahid Khan Use Cerelac only as a supplement not as meals. At 1 year, he should be eating good quantities of fruits, vegetables, salads, pulses, sprouts, dry fruits, nuts. The more wholesome will be the meal, the better it is for growth & development.

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