Unable to sleep at nights and afternoons also..I'm getting backpain also back pain means I'm getting pain in between the shoulders while sitting and in the nights..there is a lot gastric problem Dr. Priyanka Patel Rebecca Prakash

This is more because of posture you must try lying down towards your left side more often using pillows will help you so tell me are you having a lot of gas like having pain in upper part of stomach just below the rib cage have you checked the foods that are causing you gas because it is very important there are few lentils such as rajma chana that cause gas more of broccoli cabbage soya bean gram flour and things made of gram flour excessive use of red chilli this will call you bloating and gas more importantly improve your posture to work the more you hunch walk the more when you have pain between your shoulders

I dont have any pain in upper part..I feel very uneasy in sleep I feel like heaviness of stomach and this problem is starting after dinner in the nights only in the mornings I was very active..I'm taking pubergen 5000 Iu injection and proluton depot injection weekly once..after taking injection the next day I'm suffering with severe cold and sneezing for 2days continuosly Dr. Priyanka Patel

Because of the injections specially the depart injection you might have got cold because the injections are usually kept in refrigerator heaviness in stomach is due to your dinner timing please wind up your dinner by 7 and also make sure you are not eating pulses at night keep it simple with more of vegetarian and protein useless chana dal rajma dal cabbage cauliflower fresh new seasons potatoes