I have 7 months baby boy. He is suffering from cough since 3-4 days. I given cough syrup but it's not effective. Plz suggest to me what should do???@sonam Patel

Hii, cough and cold takes time to subside. Don't worry. Give the medicine. Massage the baby with warm mustard oil with carom seeds and garlic in it. If the nose gets blocked put nasoclear drop. Dry Roast carom seeds on tawa, make a potli and keep it beside baby's pillows. Also you can put few drops of eucalyptus oil on baby's clothes and blanket. This article too will be helpful Cough Remedies For Babies Under 1

If it is a with cough and you can hear wheezing then you need to see your pediatrician what is the cough syrup that you are giving