hiee my baby is 2 month old .. m feeedin him both breast feed n formula.. my nipples hurts extreme whn he sucks.. after 10 15 mins i feel the supply of milk gets down n then even after feedin fr an hr hes hungry i dn kno if its less supply of milk or may b he dsnt latch well or suck only d nipples m so confused i met two gynos but pain is ther still

If there is pain while feeding then the latch is not appropriate. You need to see a Lactation specialist who can help you with this. There are many options available for these services on Babychakra and I would urge you to reach out to an expert for help.

yes..please do consult with lactation consultant as latch might not be appropriate..

even i felt d same cause i do check d flow of milk its not tht slow but after few mins he jus latches but no milk

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