Hi mommies,

wanted some suggestion for baby carrier.

I have one of R for Rabbit but he is not at all comfortable in it. he doesnt want to be in it. I am not sure if he will like any carrier or not.Any suggestions, should i buy and try different types or is it possible he wont like any.. its very hard to carry him whole day :(

Presently i have this one.

Baby Wearing Priya Sood,Khushboo Chouhan

asha chaudhry,Sumira Bhatia,Sheeba Vijesh,Sonam patel
anyone has any experience regarding it... pls help

Khushboo you can buy ergonomic baby carriers from indian brands like anmol, kolkol, zoli jabla... some are available on the app too...These are very comfortable and you can trust... if the baby still don't have good neck control you can go for meh dai, wraps or ring slings...

thank you Sonam patel and Sumira Bhatia