My 2 year lo showing too much disinterest in eating meal... If anything new given after 2-3 bites he refuses it too since 25 days. But From last 2 days he is having feaver n viral infection so problem became worst. What to do? Is he having any internal problem? Plz help. His weight is also not increasing becoz of this. HELP!!

Appetite decreases during viral fever. Be calm , giv him rest and plenty of fluids. Viral takes 5-7 days to recover

Akanksha Gulati but the problem is from 20 days

Radhika P .. consult doctor please

Radhika latest approach this in different ways first thing first babies weight buy now should be above 12 kgs also in viral you need to not try more foods but keep giving liquid diet that means more of porridge and khichdi with milk once the viral is over we will start with multivitamin to see how babies growth is improved right now also you can start with polybion give 2.5 mm once you can visit a pediatrician and he will as well start with multivitamins keep a note of babies potty what are the changes have been noted since past 20 days because it's not just eating habit the book will also change the urine colour the frequency everything will change

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