i.m a mother to one month old baby. she doesnot take my milk. she will hold my nipple for few seconds and will leave it and cry. my mother is saying that i have low supply of milk that is why she does so. also my breast nevel feels tight nor my clothes are wet with milk. if i express my milk i get only a spoon or two. am i really short of milk, if yes what should i do.

take Shatavari kalpa u drink this with milk 2 times a day... its really effective...

Ask a Lactation consultant to help you with latching your baby. the more she suckles more milk you will make.

Check if your nipples are flat or inverted. Use a nipple shield to help your baby to latch initially.

You should try and express your milk with a electric pump every two to three hours in case your baby is unable to latch initially.

sure...will try all this