Hello, my baby is 3.5 months old. His skin is very dry. Presently I am using Himalaya body lotion. What should I use to nourish his skin in winters?

Hi in winters i do not use soap for my dauhter. I use Johnson's top to toe and pink Johnsons lotion in winters.

You can oil massage twice. It also keeps skin moisturized.

You can use olive oil for massage ...N use johnson baby products it's good .

I used ghee during winter...home made desi ghee

Hi use natural baby lotion from moms co which is toxin free combination of butter it is really very effective.

For dry skin I use "the moms co" baby lotion which is very effective and make the skin soft and smooth.

Yes for such dry skin you can use the moms co baby lotion and cream they will help you keep the skin well moisturized and keep it soft . apply 2 times.