Hello man I'm 17weeks pregnant from 1week I have noticed an little yellow discharge along with white discharge from my vagina I have informed my gynecologist she suggested me NORFLOX-400 to take twice for 3days but I'm afraid to take it because I read in Google that this tablets are not good for fetus can u please help me out of this problem shall I take tablets Dr. Priyanka Patel Dr. Priyanka Patel Rebecca Prakash

No it won't affect please start the Therapy

I have started the therapy and stopped after three days but still sometimes I'm seeing small amounts yellow discharge I'm worried about the colour of discharge is that yellow or not??I'm in 20th week I'm feeling baby kicks also..but I'm worried about this discharge Dr. Priyanka Patel

This is ok once therapy finished wait for 3 days and meet Dr again we want to see the quantity and do a pv again repeat the course

Pv means Dr. Priyanka Patel