Any remedies for teething baby?

My baby is 5Months and it's seems he is teething. I give him cold teether, he chews for 5 mins then again start crying. So any remedies so that gums don't swell , no pain and no loose motions? #teething #babyteeth

Khushboo Chouhan

Avantika, let me share some helpful articles with you

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Hi Avantika massage with cold wet cloth. It will help.

Cold carrots ( previously lil steamed )

Thank you for suggestions

Akanksha Gulati I have not started solids for baby. Yet Can I give carrot?

Don't steam it before.. just give it hard cold... Can act as a he can relish its juice too😉 Avantika

Try these readies avantika if they are working for you also please do not give teether it is harmful for your baby give him cold with cloth to make sure it is not water dripping but sufficiently cold and wet

Found this on BabyChakra. Thought you'd find it helpful!