from which month should we start using bio oil?? also I feels discomfort wearing bra... is it advisable to not wear bra ?

technically u shud wear bra , it will prevent breasts from sagging.
it is very uncomfortable though. so buy a bigger size or soft cloth bras.
And I think people say to use bio oil atleast from 3-4th month.
I started using in 3rd month only.

U can start using bio oil from second trimester- 14 week.
it is recommended 2 wear bra, if size is ur pblm buy nxt size bra. And if u want sleepng tym u can avoid it

try to wear bra throughout the day but you can avoid at night.  as far as bio oil is concerned,  i havnt use it. instead i use coconut oil on my breast. it's effective.

wear bigger size bra as from now size will keep on increasing. .can apply bio oil after 3 months..its better to wear bra but avoid during night time

Yes.. it's better to wear a bra else breast will sag..  Go for bigger size one... You can remove it at night... And you can use bio oil after 3-4 months.

Hi you can start using bio oil or any other cream / oil from second trimester.  you can go for soft cloth bra or cotton bra without any underwires it will be more comfortable and can remove when sleeping

u can use bra extenders as a easier option for ur bra so u won't need to buy new bra's right now