I am 18 weeks pregnant
The problem I am facing is whenever I lay down in my bed, my back pains a lot
Even I can't move on my left or right side
This happens for 15-20 minutes daily
Pls anyone of you can tell me s this normal or anything serious ?

i am also facing the same problem. since i was facing this before pregnancy also, doctor said it will increase in pregnancy.

Thanks Tina for sharing

It's a normal pregnancy situation. As the weight increases in the front of the abdomen and the uterus grows the curvature in your back increases. This is not natural for the back and hence you could say that the spine is now maintaining a different posture than what it is supposed to. When you lie down on your back the curve now is a little more and the back is not able to.find a resting position and hence feels the pain. Added to this is the pregnancy hormones which cause the aches and pains due to circulation issues.