Hello everyone.. I wanted to buy a wooden easel for my kid.. Can anyone suggest which brand wound be good quality.. I checked online but not sure.. Please help n advise if anyone using.

Nisha Dayal Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog) Ashika Imthiyaz Sheeba Rizvi Dr. Payal M Neha Sharma Shruti Giri pls suggest!

I will rather follow this question cz I also need some suggestions as I am planning to buy it..

pls chk Tiaras Toys groups on facebook or whatsapp at 9833815064...we have 4 types
of easel at affordable prices

No idea dear, haven't thought of buying it yet. but will follow this post to know more.

I've seen many stationary stores having locally made ones. been using one for my kids. check on Amazon