Hiii mommies how r u all ..after a month I m checking ..sad to see that I lost my hedge also..why my profile is not showing my bedge..plz help ..I m not feeling good to see these ..due to lose of fil ..I was not active is this reason..

Oh RIP... take care dear

Hi nimmi
nothing is like that happens because of technical error .. you will get your bedge soon again..How are you? take care..

Hii jessy oberoi Madhavi Cholera dear m not feeling well after this lose actually he was my best buddy in family ..but God is great ...what we can do ..

Nimmi relax, there might be some technical issue.
And sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself. May his soul rest in peace.

nimmi rathore u need to be strong...

Hi Nimmi lots of love to you. We loose our dear ones when time comes . Stay strong.

Hello Nimmi, do not worry, you will get your badge soon, let me check for you

Thanks Rebecca but at every second I remember him for everything ..u know yesterday I prepared kheer for him just forget that he is no more badly I m missing him... I cried so much...

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