Does colorful dishes help in building interest in eating food??? If yes kindly suggest some good dinner set for my toddler... Till now i feed him on silver plates????? As dese colorful dishes are all mostly made of plastic so it is safe????

Colourful dishes do not impact your baby and also I will want you to bring colourful plates when your baby is 3years old right now try to bring small bowls -3/4 for your baby so what you can do is additional e give extra things so that your baby is attracted with colour of foods rather than colour of plates such as giving small diced carrot boiled peas butterd corn with rice so this is a colourful dish it will attract your baby to try all of them patience is the key to parenthood so keep trying do not give up

more than colourful plates.. colourful food does the magic. the plate needs to have coloured variety that attracts kids. however you can do things like take a toothpick and add stickers on the top and give it to your child, give colourful forks and spoon to entice them. give fruits or veggies in bamboo skewers.. something that is different ...also u do get colourful plates in silicon and glass material.. u can try buying one loose one and check if the trick works out for you since every kid is different.
hope this helps

Dear avoid plastic. Use only steels utensils.. u can give ur baby colorful food instead of colorful plates... u give her finger food like frenchfries, etc.. give him spoon to ear he will enjoy eating and will learn eating.. give him apple oranges seasonal fruits which will help in building Immunity also..

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