Hi friends is it good  to use bio oil. Is it safe to avoid  stretch marks

yes! a lot of moms reccommend bio oil! u can chk Palmer's and Mamaearth too! all 3 have grt reviews!

I used bio oil and coconut and Palmer's. They reduce but dont exactly vanish

I did use bio oil, in fact using it now also. Helps to certain extent.

Bio oil don't avoid stretch marks. but it reduces stretch marks

Bio oil is safe,  I'm using homemade coconut oil..

u need to keep ur tummy region hydrated. bio oil does not guarantee zero stretch marks. I was using olive oil til mid of second trimester and then moved to bio oil. have been using it for sometime now but I have developed stretch marks. the purpose should be to keep the area hydrated and not leave it dry which will lead to itchiness

even i used bio oil as seen by advertisement on tv..but didnt get good result now after delivery 1.2 yr later i used mamaearth stretch cream n found very good result within 3 months... i reccomment mamaearth to u

All You Want to Know About Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Yes it is safe to use.

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