how can I increase my breast feed for my baby

Recipe On How To Increase BreastMilk

Ways To Increase Breastmilk Naturally

Remedies To Boost Breastmilk Supply

For increasing breast milk drink lots of Ajwain water, include greens in your diet, do not take any stress, include methi, fennel seeds, eat sapu and even you can drink mother's Horlicks which increases milk supply and is good for lactating mothers

Firstly don’t take stress at all. I faced similar problem. I used to have one bowl of sabudana kheer/ tapioca everyday for boosting milk production. Also you can have raw papaya as salad or curry or boiled form. Have milk and in it mix Mother’s horlicks that can help in boosting milk production. Happy Breastfeeding

You can add mothers horlicks in your diet. Daily two times with milk helps a lot

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