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Hi All, My ML gets over on March 8 and my baby has completed 3 months. Need some suggestions please as to get back to work or take 3 more months LOP? If in case... Hi dearest today I had my 5th month checkup my doctor given TT injection after day from evening I am feeling like full Chali nd body became heat like starting f... Hii fnds yesterday night i had a big fight nd argue with my husband i cried almost hours strssed myself not get proper sleep my son is on semi solidS plus breastfeed but he did not have potty from the last 2 days. what should be done? is he constipated? Hi . I wanted to ask u few brother in law's son is been very very aggressive school teachers complain he beats everyone .he throws anything tht co... I have 7 year old son..his IQ is less than his age.his milestones are slow.. facing problems due to his slow learning. Does anyone have useful tips for such cas... my girl is 3 yrs 3 months old she is not listening wat I say she just wants what she want. I can't even divert her. what to do? pls help me and she is very choo... how much water shall i give to my 8 mth lo durung summers. his pee count has decreased also amont of pee has lessened. its sometimes yellowish.i give semisolids... hi my son is 18 days old. he is addicted to Godi. he sleeps only in arms. to bring him out of this Habbit can I make him sleep in rocking swing. its disheartening to see so many of us here bothered about their babies having fair complexion. all of you- its our prejudice that will escalate further in the...
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