good morning to all beautiful ladies..

today I m very disturb..from last year i have vitamin b12 deficiency.. m suffering from it badly I recovered little bit..but m worried abt my mud swing problem..feeling very depressive..plz help me ..what I do to be practical ..I was not depressive now a days feeling like that..

Hi Nimmi. Have you spoken to a dr about this? We all are here to help. Any reason why you feel low? Is it health condition or are you missing something? You can share here. Pls do try to focus on the positives. Do things that make YOU HAPPY. Dont ignore how u feel.

the more u think about it, the more u will be drawn towards it, thats how mental illnesses increase. keep urself busy. do some meditation, listen to some soothing relaxing music. play with the baby and most imp go out

I stressed ..I m not feeling good sometimes I feel low ..

Try finding out to us more...share....take up a hobby or do something for yourself

thanks dear I found the main reason behind it ..can't share but I tried to ignore it fully now I m feeling confident.. I hav spirit now... thanks to all .. u all r my best buddy ..