I will be joining office from February 1st week and I am a little worried for my baby of how will I be able to give her enough amount of pumped milk which would be sufficient for atleast 10 hrs.I am aware that she would be on solids, but pumping is not that effective as breastfeeding.Please advice on the required quantity to be given to the caregiver each day ?

Don't worry.. baby will be on Solids by February as you said. Feed in the morning and then evening and then at night too.. you can express and keep it for the day ... One or two feeds. Rest fruits juices , dal water, khichdi and other things.. nothing to worry.. all will be well..

I totally agree with the points from Kavitha.. And also, baby cannot accept all the solids when you start and she cannot feel full with solids alone. Pump the milk and store in 50ml containers in freezer. (Breast milk kept in freezer can be used for 3-6 months). Inform your caregiver to thaw and then give. Once thawed milk should not frozen again, hence advising you to store in small amounts. That's how I'm doing for my baby for past few months. The amount is something you need to decide upon and how much you're able to pump and store.

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