my baby is completed 15 months. my day and night sleep is ruined like anything. just after she completed 15 months, she dosnt want to sleep like naps almost zero. for 1 hour max..night time she used to sleep at cries a lotttt till 2am..for tv and fone play etc. sudden crankiness and fussines..I need to sleep..what is my fault?????? I had put so much of hard work on my baby's sleep pattern..its all ruined..and y in 15 months now??? then y the hell everybody says after 1 year baby would do fine??

Hi Anon baby is just 15 months don't be hard on yourself. Their position keeps changing. And around 15 months they go through sleep regression. Dont switch on the TV or phone. Its just a phase do not worry.

she cries her lung out if we restrict her from tv or fone