Hello to all wife is not able to sleep at all at night she is 10 wk says it is normal but if she not get proper sleep that will effect her 

health as well as child's health..what to do what she or i can do to make her sleep at night..please someone suggest something

Gourab actually there is no short cut for this, Hope she follows what we told last time in your post. The ideas given by our moms are really helpful please try all that.

ok..thanx for the suggestion

If doctor gives permission may be she can try yoga it will relax her.

ask her to soak her feet in lukewarm water before she goes to bed. adopt a good bed time ritual which means no TV, cell phone at least an hour before going to sleep. keep the room well ventilated. and give her lukewarm milk before she sleeps. if doctor permits her pls take her out for mild walks post dinner. and ask her to relax and breathe

She should take small frequent meals and 10 min walk after each meal. Drink warm milk before sleeping. You can give her legs and arms massage to make her body relax.

thanx for all of ur suggsn..

as already told you earlier,  ask her to avoid tv and Mobil in the night. warm milk aldo helps in good sleeping. dont drink water two hours before going to bed. tell her not to take stress just because she cant have proper sleep. tk cr