Hello mommies how are you...

My son having low hb.. can you please suggest suitable foods to increase his hb level...

Hi give iron rich foods and supplements are necessary as well.

Things to know about Iron rich foods: 1. Adding meat or seafood to a meal will increase iron absorption from eggs, dals, vegetables in that meal. 2. Calcium-rich foods in the same meal will impede iron absorption, so avoid combining iron with dairy foods. 3. Iron-rich foods absorb better in the presence of vitamin C. 4. Iron-rich vegetarian foods include lentils and other legumes (dals), beans (rajma etc), dried fruits (raisins, dates, prunes, apricots etc), leafy green veggies (broccoli, different saag/keerai varieties), millets (ragi, etc). 5. Vitamin C is in mangoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, lime and other citrus fruits, capsicum, etc. Bonus: fermenting, sprouting and soaking grains and dals hugely increases how much iron is absorbed from it. Spinach is not easy to absorb iron from. Too many chemicals in it that impede absorption, phytates, oxalates, fibre.

How much is the current hemoglobin level if you can share the report

This is recoverable follow the tips shared here for a month and then again test if the count is falling we will need to get the treatment started

Can I give dates syrup...

Ur baby is very small. U should take him to doc he will prescribe u suitable med. But Give ur little one beetroot soup palak soup, dates

Ok thank you all for your valuable suggestions