My baby is not doing potty since yesterday... she puts lots of pressure but not happening... i have started other foods also but still not happening... instead from when i have started outside food she is started getting this problem whereas i give her liquidy stuff only.. when i give dal-chapati i put mire of dal water in the mixer, when i give milk-chapati i put more of milk... but she is having potty problem and if she does also its very thick, not usually how babies but thick its thick potty... what to. do plz help... Rebecca Prakash

You give enough water and juices.. add vegetables to khichdi or chapati... Use raw papaya and give mashed ripe papaya it helps..

Avoid milk its one of the main reason for constipation.

How To Treat Constipation In Babies read this article.

You can add a pinch of hing in roti and dal mix
Also another method is apply hing and ghee/water paste on baby's navel and around areas

Thank u so much Kavita Sahany Taslim Shadab(Mama Bear) Rebecca Prakash sure mam will stop cow milk for few days n notice the difference and will go through the article... thank u so much for the advices...

Rashmi Vyas Not just for few's better to stop cow's milk until your baby is one year old. Try Plums and Prunes.. They can give good relief from constipation..

Dear whenever u give ur little on top milk just add 1/2 spoon of ghee. This works like wonder.U can also give her hing water. But u should take her to doc.

Give soaked black raisins water solution fr constipation

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