En 4 month baby ku Na breastfeed than panren, nit la ipo than bed la en pakathula potu paduka start paniruken, 1week Mela Aguthu still avan Nit frequent ah mulikran feed pana than Thunguran, every half hour once feed panren( Pasi ilama avana Thunga vaikanu) but munadiyea Thotil la thungurapa Nala 4-5 hrs thunguvan. Ithuku etha vali iruka feed Panama avana Thunga vaika

Feeding demand ...Adikadi panum nu avasiyam ila, thuni katringa na ,try diapers

RAMYA GANESAN ..Enoda babykuda ipdi dhan irundhan 6months varaikkum.. Neenga, Babyku nalla thookkam time vaira fulla feed panna try pannunga...Apram diaper podunga nightla...because baby urine pogadhan muzhippan... Half an hour once feed pannaa ungalukkume milk secret aagadhu... Innum two monthsla solid start pannitta, idhu sariya poidum.. Don't worry...

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