please suggest me some good brand of mustard seed pillow for my one month.old baby

hey you can check at baby chakra also. Neha Sharma do you have any idea?

Omved is good. I have tried for my baby. But remember.. it will be helpful only for 1 or 2 months. later.. baby will pull and sleep without that. Some babies don't like pillow at all. Please do check in Babychakra shop...they have some good products.

Veena Patil why you want to give pillow... it's not recommended by any pediatric... keep it natural...

@Rakhi : my baby always sleeps one side so thought of using.pillow so that he will get round head

Veena Patil they keep on changing with time... people scared me too but I stuck to my baby used to sleep only right till one month and then straight till mumma got me cotton fabric and 1kg small black Rai and taught me to make pillow...I kept everything as was not willing to hurt her but didn't make started changing sides by 3rd month and she'll turn 1 year on coming 11th with round head ....😍 mother's believe system travel very strong to Babies so if you feel a cm also for the pillow do it.....if you believe on something strong it happens....

ok Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) thank u so much :)